Do you like to paint ?

Would you like to learn ?


Today you have the opportunity of start your Painting art classes (Free ) just a small fee for supply and studio. These classes are enjoyable and lots of fun.            

I have been in the art business for many years  Now I would like to teach other people the wonderful world of painting. These are some of our samples painting for the 3 hour classes they are acrylic on canvas, lots of fun to paint  and very colorful.  We will help you developing your own style or exploring new technique following our sample painting. We are here to help you , expressing the point of your art.

class paint

I have a unite art studio here in Tampa,Fl called Tampa painting with friends. Here I will show you how to design, layout and compos your painting. The reason for extra hour is to show you more then just putting paint on the canvas. You will learn mixing colors,perspective, values,textures painting wet on wet, and much more .Plus you will take your art master piece home at the end of class.


I had  some classes from master artist, my father being one of these. These classes are easy going ,creative, productive, but not high pressure , we will show you step by step with hands on guidance to enable even the first time artist achieve success on their first try, this is a rewarding achievement for the students.

Our painting caresses are 3 days a week With two classes per day

Friday 2:pm to 5:pm  ---  Sat 2:pm to 5:pm --- Sun 2:pm to 5:pm

All the evening classes are from  6:pm to 9:pm

Young artist under 15 must be accompanied by adults for the evening classes.

We are a family orientated organization 

Call 813-247-5796 Hope to see you soon call 813-247-5796