Tampa Painting  With Friends

Prices for  Painting and sculpturing Classes
also for the special class on gold leaf gilding

Painting Landscapes, Seascapes, Clowns, Birds, Flowers, 
and much more  Painting in Acrylic on canvas

The hours for the classes
Look at our painting samples or design own art master piece.

Sculpturing in Red Clay classes are 4 hours on Thursday                       

The Gold Leaf Gilding class is a 4 hour  on first and last                   
We  are  having a school out summer program for kids that like to learn . art, painting and sculpturing   Very  good classes and very low  price  call us
This class is on  Mondays and Tuesday 3 hours for school kids , up to 9th grade   from 1: 00  pm  till  4: 00  pm  also  Xmas vacation              

            Tampa Painting  with Friends  ( 813 )  247- 5796

We have a list of all the supplies, tools , and equipment  for these sessions, the only thing the painters bring is  “ herself  or  himself .”                             

 Hope to hear from you soon

Come have fun Painting and sculpturing

Cell   ( 813 ) 247 – 5798