gold leaf class

  This frame is in gold
leaf plus antiquing
with Rotten-stone


Gold Leaf Gilding Classes

Our Last Class is a very Special
The Gold Leafing Gilding Class
This Class is twice a month
First and last Wednesday of each months


In this class we will be gold leafing  many different Items Statues,Picture frames, figurines ,molding, and more.  This class is not shown in most studios as this is a class that can be turn in to a business with high profit and it is in high demand.

We show you different  ( sizing ) which are the adhesives, Primers,  Imitation Gold leaf also some real genuine Gold leaf,  Silver leaf,  Copper leaf,  Variegated leaf, and more.        

 A step by step class and the Antiquing part of the class is also very good, antiquing the items after they are in Gold Leaf  will give it the touch of elegant s . This is a complete different World  But, also real fun to work and the ladies are very good at the line of art.  The class run for 4 hours with breaks, this class has to be Schedule in advance. Please call for information, and sitting is only 10 students, all the Items you gold leaf you take home .  Price of the classes are in our price list .



5 photos here also



 All the Photo in this page are samples from other gilders, we have other Items to Gold  leaf for our class as we show you many different ways to do the gilding. And you will  have 4 different Items per student, when finish these  alone are more then the price of the class.  Hope to see you for this special class. 

Thank you Kindly