red clay class

Sculpturing  In Red Clay

We are also having classes in Red Clay Sculpturing.

This is also a very fun and relaxing class You work with your hands and tools in soft base clay and bring clay to life with your hands and Imagination. We will show you what this clay can do, with a little help from you.

You will create many different figures, Faces, animals, flowers, butterflies, pixies and more.                                                                                                            

red clay classes
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tampa sculpture class
tampa sculpture

These samples are some of what I like to create.

I name them, Some I sell, but all bring much FUN enjoyment . These classes are so much FUN you will want to do them at home also, and you can. In the class you will work with 25 lbs, of red clay . What you don't use in class you can take it home.

At the studio we have the work benches,  Turntables ,Tools, wire cutters, all the tools you need to make your creation.  In this class the only limitation is your mind. The class is on Thursday 4 hours with breaks time.    Call for more information as this clay has to be fired and has to dry for a weeks or so before firing . But what a good class this is....   Soon we will have a kilns to fire the Items right here.


The classes are on Thursday from 12:01 pm  till 4:00  pm

18 yrs. & over    from  6: 00 pm  till 10:00 pm

red clay class

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